Interpretive Family Tours

We are open year round! Visitors to Northern Lights Wolf Centre in Golden, BC take part in a 25-minute family friendly interpretive presentation about wolves and their importance as predators in our environment. Family fun and learning brings you close to seeing wolves as they go about their daily business from just outside their enclosures.

If you’ve ever wondered why wolves howl, or if it’s true that they howl at the full moon… or if you’ve ever been accused of “wolfing down” your food… come visit us and take a step closer to understanding a little more about wolves. You may even have a chance to howl with the wolves, watch them move like a ghost through the trees, see the wolves play while you and your family learn many fascinating facts about wolves and the role they play in the environment.

Family and group rates available. | RV accessible.

Blackwolf Photography Tours

Come for a hike with us and a few members of our Wolf Pack. We will explore the wilderness of the Rocky Mountains, just outside the boarders of Yoho & Banff National Park. There are many opportunities to get up-close and personal with our wolves.

The Rocky Mountains, mountain forests, meandering rivers, wetlands, and snow caped peaks make for a wildlife photographers dream.

It is important to note that we are on ‘wolf terms’. At times schedules and length of hikes may vary.

*Must be at least 16 years of age and have sufficent abllity to walk in the wilderness.


We could be in your class too! Our well socialized travelling wolf ambassador is a great addition to your natural science studies.

We can adjust the content for the needs of your curriculum. We are able to visit select schools throughout Alberta & British Columbia.


Have a large youth group? Come visit us for the day and explore how wolves interact and create balance in our environment.