Feild Trips & Tours Groups

Spend the day with us or just a short time.

Bring your group to learn how wolves are a keystone species in the unique mountain forests of the Rocky Mountains. Did you know, woves play a crucial part of the predator-pray symbiotic relationship that keeps our ecosystem balanced?

Hands-on, Interactive Fun

Interactive and educational activities accompany every program for a sensational learning experience! We will adopt activities based on learning outcome expectations, group size, durration of stay and age.

Day Trips to Northern Lights Wolf Centre

Spend the day with us! We can accommodate most group sizes for short or long time frames. If you choose a full day at the wolf centre it will be busy! We have many age specific interactive activities. Durring the spring, summer and fall we can fire up the BBQ for a full lunch. Please contact us so we can make all the necessary arrangements.

Bus and RV Parking

There is plenty of parking on our road and there is a turnaround area at the end of our road.


Each group is different and we want to make sure that you have a unique experience. Please contact us for more group rates and activity options.