Schools & Education

Wolves are a keystone species in our environment and play a crucial part of the predator-pray symbiotic relationship that keeps an ecosystem balanced. The wolf is mysterious, social, and playful too.


Our interactive in school presentations and our on-site field trips explore the wolf’s unique biology, the differences between wolves, domestic dogs and coyotes, their role in a balanced and sustainable ecosystem, and more. Each presentation will match grade level curriculum.


Northern Lights Wolf Centre promotes wolf conservation through their natural environment. We value the roles these carnivores play in nature. We strive to provide on-of-a-kind, quality experience to the public as we support conservation through education.

Hands-On Interactive Fun

These general programs can be adapted to different age groups. Interactive and educational activities accompany every program for a sensational learning experience!

Each program pulls key topics from the Life Sciences Curriculum for BC and Alberta with a special focus on wolves.

Bring a wolf to your school!

Our travelling ambassador could be in your school! too. Please check with your school administration for policy that may restrict the visit of a wolf. If for any reason, if you are unable to accommodate a wolf, we travel with a “wolf kit” that has everything from pelts, scats, skulls, and loads of interactive information about large carnivores in your area.

Come to us for a feild trip

Spend the day with us! We can accommodate most group sizes for short or long time frames. If you choose a full day at the wolf centre it will be busy! We have many age specific interactive activities. Durring the spring, summer and fall we can fire up the BBQ for a full lunch. Please contact us so we can make all the necessary arrangements.


The base rate for our in-school presentation is $200. Additional charges apply for travel and the wolf ambassador. Please contact us for more information.