Sponsorship Packages

The Northern Lights Wolf Pack

We often get asked, “What is the difference between adopting a wolf, and becoming a pack member?” The answer is not much! Both types of sponsorships help us to run this centre and educate the public about wolves and our environment. When one of our visitors becomes fond of a particular wolf, they may “adopt” this wolf and receive bi-annual updates about their wolf of choice. “Pack membership” is another way to help, and there are different levels to choose from – depending on what you can afford. Hope that helps you choose!

Pack Membership

As a member of our pack you will receive the “Wolf Print” newsletter twice a year, updates on our pack dynamics, photos and other assorted goodies.  Your membership may be renewed annually.

Membership Level
Wolf Guardian $1,000.00
Wolf Pack $250.00
Alpha $100.00
Beta $50.00
Puppy $20.00

Sponsor A Wolf

By adopting an individual wolf from the Northern Lights Wolf Pack, you will receive photos of your wolf, updates, stories from each season, and the undying devotion of your sponsored wolf.
Your support continues to help us in the care and feeding of our wolves, our educational programs with schools, and influencing government policy to ensure the protection of these valuable predators in the environment.

Sponsor A Wolf
Any pack member $75.00