Northern Lights Wildlife Wolf centre promotes wolf conservation throughout the natural environment. We value the role these carnivores play in nature. We strive to provide a one-of-a-kind, quality experience to the public as we support conservation through education.


Northern Lights Wolf Centre is an educational facility that loves to teach the public about wolves and conservation. We offer programs about our wolves, wolves in the wild, and conservation. We also offer interactive school field trips to teach about wolves, their role as a keystone species, and how they help maintain a healthy environment.


Our wolves live in 1.25- acre enclosures and our interpretive talks take place right at the fence. All of our wolves at Northern Lights are exercised off-leash regularly in the wilderness to make sure that they can be happy and healthy ambassador wolves for their wild cousins.


Northern Lights also offers Blackwolf Photography wolf walks which allow you to join us during one of our exercise hikes. These hikes allow us to give the public a unique opportunity to photograph and walk around with wolves as your guide in their natural environment. Nestled between the Rockies and the Purcell Mountains, we are blessed with plenty of wilderness, and the scenery is fabulous! Blackwolf Photography sessions require a reservation done by phone or email.


*Please note, some restrictions apply.*


Our family of staff is what really makes this place special. Every day the staff make our pack of wolves extremely happy and give them lots of attention and pets. Many of our staff have worked with our wolves for years and have created special bonds with the pack. The staff are very passionate about sharing their knowledge of wolves and conservation with you. They might even teach you to howl!


In the late 90’s Casey Black was working as part of a team that trained animals for big Hollywood movies. This was the driving force that led him and his wife, Shelley, to opening Northern Lights Wolf Centre. In 1998, Casey and Shelley adopted Aspen, a female wolf dog, with the plan of having Aspen as a spoiled movie star and ambassador for educating the public about wolves. Eventually, the movie star dream faded and Northern Lights Wolf Centre was formed with Aspen as the star ambassador. 


Since 2002, Shelley and Casey have privately owned and operated Northern Lights Wolf Centre, along with their dedicated staff. The centre works to educate the public about wolf conservation, advocate for wolves, and share the importance of wolves in the environment. The team at Northern Lights actively pursues changing the public opinion about wolves and helps influence government policy in favour of balanced environments including the dynamic role of wolves.  


Today, Shelley and her staff continue to spread their educational message at the centre along with her full pack of wolves, whom all but one have been born in captivity. These wolves howl with joy everyday as a healthy pack of wolf ambassadors.